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Seven Chakras by the Sea

 April 26-May 2, 2015  Casa Om, Puerto Morelos, MX

The Mayans consider the chakras the “great powers.”  Join Nancy Alder for six nights, seven days of the chakras on the Mayan Riviera.  Gain understanding of these energy centers from both the East Indian and Mayan perspectives through daily yoga practices designed to balance and awaken each chakra.  Spend time connecting with your Muladhara chakra while dipping your yogi-toes in the Caribbean and rocking Tadasana in the Mexican sand.  Energize your Manipura chakra when you hike the Mayan ruins or salsa dance at night.  Mobilize your Svadisthana chakra to float in the azure waters just steps from the doors of Casa Om.  Open your Anahata chakra in backbends on the beachside yoga deck.  Channel your Vishuddha chakra chanting OM and saying “Hola Amigos” with your sangha. Balance your Ajna chakra by making time for you, getting away and seeing a bit of the bigger picture by the beach.  Connect with your Sahasrara chakra with guided meditations and stillness.

Return home energized, balanced and renewed.

Learn, feel, laugh and play by the sea.

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