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Remind your yogis: Why Scheduling a Private Yoga Session Is The Bomb

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Remind your yogis: Why Scheduling a Private Yoga Session Is The Bomb


Many yoga students come to classes and think that their only option is to practice in a group setting.  This environment can be both intimidating and frustrating.  Despite trying to keep our eyes on our own mats, we often find ourselves in that human space of comparison and self-doubt.  Additionally, there may be asanas we are working on but not successfully getting because we need a bit more attention.  These and many other situations are perfect examples of why connecting with a teacher like you for a private, one-on-one class can be super beneficial.

As teachers, we are always looking around the room, assisting either physically or verbally with cues, our students as they flow through their practice.  Yet, the group setting restricts how much one-on-one attention we can give to any individual yogi.  Students may have reservations about practicing in ...

#boldandbigger: Day 163 Love is the Drug

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2140 #boldandbigger: Day 163 Love is the Drug

Ladies and gentlemen, let me be the first to tell you the news.  We are currently in the midst of a yoga epidemic.  Did you know?

The symptoms of this epidemic are as follows:

1.) excessive amounts of wrist grabbing.

2.) a predominance of shoulder injuries

3.) repetition

4.) coming up on fists where you should be on palms

5.) and the overall prevalence of Downward Facing Dog in every yoga class.


The epidemic is called “Downward Facing Dog Mania.”


This week I have had about five conversations about Downward Facing Dog  Without boring you with the details of these chats, I can tell you that yoga students that I speak with in person and in the virtual sangha are struggling with the asanas that make up Surya Namaskar or sun salutations.  The primary culprit is Downward Facing Dog. While the flow itself warrants a whole blog post ...

#boldandbigger: Day 140 Home

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#boldandbigger: Day 140 Home

Today I was thinking about how I wanted to blog on the notion of staying connected but feeling vast.  I was going to wax philosophically about it in asana and how that translated to my life when I step off my Manduka. Then my eldest elf came home from seeing Godzilla and instantly gave me the words I was missing to make today’s post complete.

For the last series of days I have been in the midst of a 40 day practice of finding Tadasana every day.  You can see some of these photos on Instagram by finding me there or by searching the hashtag #40daysoftadasana so you can see other glorious yogis practicing it as well. I picked doing Tadasana for my 40 day practice because it is THE fundamental asana upon which all asanas are built.  The foundations you ...

#boldandbigger: day 141 Too Young

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2120 #boldandbigger: day 141 Too Young

Well it’s official yogis, I have grown up.

No, it’s not because I got my hair dyed to hide the grays or because tomorrow I will get my first root canal (wish me luck!).  It’s not because I am almost 45, have two kids over the age of 8 and have a career.  All of those are signs of aging, but are not why I feel mature.

The real reason I am feeling grown up is because I am honoring my yoga age.

On my mat I have come to the point in my practice where I never want to go to the maximum expression of a pose, to the bendiest, deepest or fullest place. I never crave the heat, the power or the speed.   Never, ever, ever do I desire going there because those places are locations of youth, and this ...

#boldandbigger: Day 133 You Learn: Living your Yoga off the mat

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Recently I had yet another conversation with my husband (a scientist) about issues between two yoga teachers.  We discussed how it came down to ego, both bruised and excess, and again he said to me, “Why is it that there is so much drama around yoga? It’s just yoga.”

I have thought about this question non-stop since he first asked me it five years ago in response to a different story I had shared.  We revisited it when people wrote derogatory responses to articles in major news sources about popular yoga teachers.  Again we discussed it when someone sent me a nasty message about what I share on my Facebook page.

I do not have enough yogi toes or fingers to count the number of conversations I have had with students, fellow teachers or yoga bloggers who have shared ...

#boldandbigger: Day 121 Good Vibrations a SuperLoveTees Giveaway

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Hey Yogis!  Happy May!  I am super excited to share my latest giveaway.  Thanks to the most excellent SuperLoveTees, one of my favorite brands, I am giving away a Good Vibes Tribe T-shirt.

Let’s set the waves in motion for a wonderful month with some Good Vibrations!


I’m trying a new way for you to enter that gives you more chances to enter/win… Click the link below for the contest:






SuperLoveTees “Good Vibe Tribe” Shirt giveaway

#boldandbigger: Day 113 Why Can’t We Be Friends?

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#boldandbigger: Day 113  Why Can’t We Be Friends?


Are any of you going through a massive spring cleaning bug like I am?  There is something about the warmth in the air and the green grass returning that makes me want to sweep every corner and toss so many things.  I am giving away elf clothing that no longer fits, opening windows to let in the fresh air and tossing the broken, damaged and no longer useful things in my house.  Maybe it’s the constant playing of the Frozen soundtrack by my Elf that is motivating me to toss things! “Let it go, Let it go….” Whatever the impetus….

There is such freedom in releasing what is does not serve you.

Why do we not constantly do this reassessment of worth in our life on and off the mat?  Why does it take a seasonal change or an alignment of the ...

#boldandbigger: Day 103 Mama Kuka YogaSphere™Giveaway

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2087 #boldandbigger:  Day 103  Mama Kuka YogaSphere™Giveaway


Hey Yogis. Here it is day 103 and I just realized I have not done a single giveaway yet in 2014!  I am here right now to rectify this inadequacy on my blog. I am spinning right round:  coming full circle to the four giveaways I did in December of 2013 with one for 2014.



Enter The YogaSphere™ from Mama Kuka.  This ingenious system of mini yoga strap spheres has come to my rescue as a yoga teacher who is eternally on the go.  I teach in studios and gyms and all sorts of locations.  Many of these have no yoga props what so ever.  Now my local yogis know I am crazy for props, straps in particular are huge in my teaching.  Yoga straps, as I have been known to say, are the great equalizer.  They make short ...

#boldandbigger: Day 68 Ordinary Love

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#boldandbigger: Day 68 Ordinary Love

Tonight I walked my furry elf out in the snow and I was frankly a little bit annoyed I had to take her out again.  It is cold, the snow that was melting has frozen and my yard is treacherous.  I have fallen taking her out at night virtually every single day.  My wrists hurt from catching myself on the ice.  So I was not thrilled to be doing so one hour after we had just walked around the yard.

She dragged me out into the hill behind my house and I precariously climbed onto the icy snow.  Luckily she decided to not do the full walkabout and we stopped in our journey pretty quickly.  I looked up at the sky and the moon and stars were so crisp and clear.  Then I saw it:  a trail from an airplane bisecting ...

#boldandbigger: Day 64 Help

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2060 #boldandbigger:  Day 64 Help

Hey yogis.. I have a huge favor to ask.  I am on the brink of redoing my website and plotting my adventures for next year and I really want your feedback.  My plan is to a.) offer something for free to people who come to my site and b.) increase the info you find on my site.  Also, I am trying to decide what type of retreat I should do away from New England next spring.  I need some feedback because I am having trouble deciding.  More importantly, I want to know what YOU want!

So if you can do me a huge favor and take five minutes to complete this survey and let me know what improvements, what additions and what kind of retreat options really appeal to you, then it will help me clarify what is best for the ...