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#boldandbigger: Day 103 Mama Kuka YogaSphere™Giveaway

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2087 #boldandbigger:  Day 103  Mama Kuka YogaSphere™Giveaway


Hey Yogis. Here it is day 103 and I just realized I have not done a single giveaway yet in 2014!  I am here right now to rectify this inadequacy on my blog. I am spinning right round:  coming full circle to the four giveaways I did in December of 2013 with one for 2014.



Enter The YogaSphere™ from Mama Kuka.  This ingenious system of mini yoga strap spheres has come to my rescue as a yoga teacher who is eternally on the go.  I teach in studios and gyms and all sorts of locations.  Many of these have no yoga props what so ever.  Now my local yogis know I am crazy for props, straps in particular are huge in my teaching.  Yoga straps, as I have been known to say, are the great equalizer.  They make short ...

#boldandbigger: Day 68 Ordinary Love

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2071 #boldandbigger: Day 68 Ordinary Love

Tonight I walked my furry elf out in the snow and I was frankly a little bit annoyed I had to take her out again.  It is cold, the snow that was melting has frozen and my yard is treacherous.  I have fallen taking her out at night virtually every single day.  My wrists hurt from catching myself on the ice.  So I was not thrilled to be doing so one hour after we had just walked around the yard.

She dragged me out into the hill behind my house and I precariously climbed onto the icy snow.  Luckily she decided to not do the full walkabout and we stopped in our journey pretty quickly.  I looked up at the sky and the moon and stars were so crisp and clear.  Then I saw it:  a trail from an airplane bisecting ...

#boldandbigger: Day 64 Help

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Hey yogis.. I have a huge favor to ask.  I am on the brink of redoing my website and plotting my adventures for next year and I really want your feedback.  My plan is to a.) offer something for free to people who come to my site and b.) increase the info you find on my site.  Also, I am trying to decide what type of retreat I should do away from New England next spring.  I need some feedback because I am having trouble deciding.  More importantly, I want to know what YOU want!

So if you can do me a huge favor and take five minutes to complete this survey and let me know what improvements, what additions and what kind of retreat options really appeal to you, then it will help me clarify what is best for the ...

#boldandbigger: Day 60 We all Sing the Same Song

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Hi yogis.  I am home from an afternoon with a truly gifted teacher, Sharon Salzberg and despite sitting and meditating, walking and meditating, petting a lovely dog and meditating my mind is buzzing!  I keep thinking of how Sharon creates an environment of inclusiveness with such ease and deftness.  As a teacher I was reminded of so much today just watching and listening to how she interacts with others. No person was missed, no question was dumb, every set of eyes was met.

Ironically, this workshop is coming on the heels of a totally opposite interaction with someone.  And so, as is my want, I am writing down what has come up for me during these two and the lesson I see as the message of having these two diametrically opposed experiences back to back.

I have a little secret to share ...

#boldandbigger: Day 52 Let it Go

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When I picked the Elf up from school today she was having a hissy fit.  Turns out one of the girls in her class was not being nice and unfortunately they are paired up for assignments.  This specific girl has caused her issues in the past by being a bully, being cruel and just generally being unkind.  We have had many conversations over the past year about unkind people and how you do not have to be friends with everyone.  In fact… I told her, these people are ones that do not work with you in the first place.

Certain yoga poses are not unlike the mean girls at school.

One of the greatest lessons I learned in the last 6 years is that my body structure, the bones and joints, do not make every pose easy or comfortable.  And more importantly, ...

#boldandbigger: Day 51 You Learn

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Last year I had coffee with a friend and like on so many occasions before with this and other friends I said, “I really wish I had a teacher.”

You see even yoga teachers need teachers.  I crave that connection and knowingness that comes from learning from someone you respect.  I long to have a teacher see me as a student like I see those yogis in my classes.  I want someone to say, “you should really work on backing off, or you can push more or you’re doing it just right.”  I want to go to classes and grow.  I want someone I can call when I have a quandary and a success.

I want a teacher.

This mantra has been mine for a while now.  In two months I will have been teaching yoga a lot every week for four years. ...

#boldandbigger: Day 47 Between a Rock and Hard Place

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What does this word mean to you?

The reality is we each have our own definition of difficulty.

What is important is addressing each day WHAT  is difficult for you and how you will approach it.  For example, many (and I mean MANY) yoga students who think they want power, sweat and speed in their practice really find much more struggle when they practice in a gentle, slow and restorative fashion.  So what is really difficult for them?  The power or the stillness?

Every day we have a new list of difficulties we encounter and if we are really honest in who we are and what we need, then our yoga practice will reflect these changing challenges.  For example, here are some of the things I am finding extremely difficult today and how my practice will be tonight to balance/calm/appease them:

1.) After two ...

#boldandbigger: Day 31 Supported asanas for sniffles and flu

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2023 #boldandbigger: Day 31  Supported asanas for sniffles and flu

Hey all.. Happy end of January and Happy Chinese New Year!


I promised a friend that I would share some supported/restorative yoga poses she could do while she suffers from a chest cold and the flu.  When you have a regular yoga practice it can be incredibly difficult to not move when you are feeling sick. You want to move, but many of the traditional asanas you are used to take too much effort.  Yet, at the same time it is helpful to expand your chest and stretch to move the breath.  Enter restorative yoga which is a great alternative when you need to take the energy and physicality of your practice down a notch.  Find below four yoga asanas that you can do when you are not feeling great.  I picked these four because I wanted to offer her ones ...

#boldandbigger: Day 28 Begin anew Tangled up in Blue

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2018 #boldandbigger: Day 28  Begin anew  Tangled up in Blue

I realized today that I spend so much time writing posts for other sites that I never have time to write here, on my own.


This year I am changing that starting today.  Since it is late and I came to this realization around 6:00 p.m. I’ll share the post I put up on my Facebook page today in case you do not follow me there.  Generally I try not to share the same things in more than one place, that drives me crazy when others do it, but I’ll brake that rule for today to get the blog post writing in gear.

My theme for January is “begin anew” and here is my post from today….

Begin anew removing the clutter.

It’s a new year and I’ve cleaned out my desk. I’ve cleaned out my Facebook friend list. I’ve cleaned out old papers ...

#findyourwings: Give it Away: Flying Yogini T Shirts!!

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2010 #findyourwings: Give it Away:  Flying Yogini T Shirts!!

Hey all.. You have been asking for them, and despite my best efforts to find a way to sell them for charity, I have been unable to figure out a way.  My home state charges taxes on everything and suffice it to say even a charitable donation based shirt would require some legal and business changes to me as a teacher that I am not ready to make.  Boo.

So, I have come up with an alternative solution in the meantime.  I am going to give away five of my t-shirts to people commenting here and then make a personal donation to a charity.  This way some people get shirts (yea!) and a charity gets money (double yea!).  My Facebook page sangha made some suggestions about charities.  There were many yoga-related ones, animal-related ones, and others that were special to the individuals ...