#findyourwings: Day?? Hanuman Chalisa a Maha Mala Giveaway

I am so excited to share with you a mini-interview with Nora and Piya, head yoginis at Maha Mala and gorgeous mala giveaway.  Maha Mala is a company headquartered in India that makes stunning mala bead necklaces and bracelets.  They make malas from semi-precious stones and ahimsa silk which does not harm the silkworms.  They contribute to local charities and work with local organizations that support children and others in their area.  Their Facebook and Twitter feeds are sources of great wisdom and inspiration.

In conjunction with Nora and Piya at Maha Mala I am giving away a stunning mala made of 108 lotus seed and turquoise beads with a ahimsa “peace silk” hassle and a silver heart pendant.  I wanted to collaborate with Nora and Piya because I loved their malas and the affirming and beautiful messages they share via social media.  Their site recently got an update and so it seemed like a perfect time to share a little bit about Nora, Piya and Maha Mala.

Here is my recent Q and A with Nora and Piya:


1.) why the name Maha Mala?

Our name Maha Mala actually stems from two sanskrit words; Maha meaning ‘the great’ (think of Maharaja meaning the great king) and Mala meaning ‘garland’ or in colloquial Hindi ‘necklace’, together our name stands for ‘the great garland’ (or necklace)- rather fitting for what we make don’t you think?

2.) how do you chose the stones for your malas?

There are two different ways we choose the semi-precious stones for our malas.  The first consideration is for the metaphysical benefit the stone has for the wearer. Each Mala we design undergoes a specific thought process- what good will it do for the wearer? Depending on the range we choose specific stones which can help the wearer in certain aspects of their life- for example the Durga Mala from our Indian Deity range contains strong stones such as Carnelian and Coral so that the wearer can feel confident and bold, just like the fierce Goddess Durga.

The second thing we look for is the aesthetic value- stones come in many shapes, colours, and forms- some look more beautiful than others, however each is always unique- Piya and I both like different stones- however we usually come to a common consensus in determining which stone we should choose.

3.) what are your current favorite malas?

For Piya her current favorite Mala is  ‘Mysteriosly Intuitive‘ from our Deliciously Simple range- symbolizing the emotions and intuition. (see attached image titled ‘MI’)

For Nora, her current favorite is actually from our new range called ‘Earth Elements’ we have a fantastic selection of 10 colors of glass beads which are hand knotted on earth dyed ‘ahimsa’ or peace silk- silk which does no harm to the silkworm when it is farmed.  She wears two at the moment- our ‘sage’ (green) and ‘indigo’ (blue) ones all the time!

4.) do you have a favorite chant?

Our favorite chant at the moment is the Hanuman Chalisa- sung by our beloved friend who passed away recently Geoffrey Gordon. (The video is at the top of this post)

5.) how can people stay in touch with Maha Mala?

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Here are the details on how to enter the giveaway for the Aishwairya Manka mala:

What: One winner chosen at random will win a Aishwairya Manka mala (pictured above).  The winner can be from anywhere, this giveaway is  NOT limited to the United States.

How: In order to be entered into the giveaway you must do the following:

1.) Pick one item from Maha Mala’s website that you covet and post in the comments why you love it.

2.) Like both Flying Yogini and Maha Mala on Facebook.

3.) For an extra entry tweet or share this giveaway on Facebook or Twitter by tagging Maha Mala and Flying Yogini so we can see it.

When: The contest runs from 6/10/13 until 6/25/13 6:00 a.m.  EST.  The winner will be announced here in the comments, on the Flying Yogini Facebook page and via twitter.  The winner’s name will be drawn at random via a random name generating program.




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  1. karen
    karen says:

    These malas are so beautiful! Seven of them are practically jumping off the pages, begging me to own them……Krishna, Durga, Royally Honest, Vrinda Manka, Mmm Tasty, Am I Blushing and Rajat Manka.
    All seven speak to me in different ways so rather than just picking one, if I could I would buy all seven and wear one each day of the week!

  2. shankar
    shankar says:

    Nancy! Nora! Piya! Is *this* where I’m supposed to comment rather than in reply to the fb post? Is this where I can tell you that these are beautiful products, but that what-ever I need arrives and that I need not covert anything? 😉

  3. Mo
    Mo says:

    Everything is stunning. I want everything! The Protector mala is absolutely gorgeous. I love the Amethyst for stability and strength. At the beginning of every practice I set an intention and it’s almost always for strength. Some days it’s physical strength; others it’s emotional.

  4. kia
    kia says:

    Beautiful pieces. I am attracted to the Rudra Mala for the grounding empowerment to go forth career-wise with a true sense of self and my values.

  5. Jessica Patterson
    Jessica Patterson says:

    I am drawn to the Sita mala and matching bracelet! Both have a stunning color/gemstone combination and I love the energetic properties that both pieces provide. It was hard to choose because I also loved the Healer and the Magician malas. All of these items are gorgeous:0)

  6. Danae aka Bella Yogini
    Danae aka Bella Yogini says:

    Greetings Nora, Piya and Nancy,

    Wow every single Mala is so Beautiful!!
    Yet I am most fond of Aishwairya Manka simply because it includes the turquoise which is my most favorite color.

    I try to wear some form of teal/turquoise everyday since TEAL is also the color designated for Ovarian Cancer Awareness and I am an Ovarian Cancer Awareness Advocate honoring the memory of my beloved Mommy. Wearing the Aishwairya Manka mala would help me raise greater awareness for the cause!

    I had a really simple Rudraksha mala yet it recently broke so I have been seeking a new mala to chant with…
    I have LIKEd both pages both from my personal page & Bella Yogini page

    Will I be the 6th to respond…6 is my most favorite number!


    PS My sweet little Niece is named NORA

  7. Naomi
    Naomi says:

    love the Earthly Bound bracelet 😀 I have been spending so much time in nature this summer, that I feel a good connection.

  8. Allison
    Allison says:

    I absolutely love the Krishna mala, it popped right out at me when I saw it. The colors are vivid and go so well together. Also, all of the properties of each bead really resonate with me, especially turquoise and garnet.

    • Nancy Alder
      Nancy Alder says:

      Congrats to Karen whose name was drawn at random to win the mala! Karen message me with your details!

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