#findyourwings: Day??? Gratitude Giveaway #3 Yin Yoga DVD & Book

Anyone who knows me well, knows that my favorite style of yoga is Yin Yoga.  It is therapeutic to my body, it is calming to my mind and it is cooling to my pitta dosha.  I was trained in Yin Yoga by Joe Barnett, senior student of Paul Grilley.  Paul’s understanding of bone structure differences as taught to me by Joe, has profoundly changed my teaching for the better.  It has given me the platform to remind my students to accept their bodies as how they are, rather than how they think they should be. I have a huge awareness about my own practice as well that I did not previously have.


As part of my gratitude month, I have teamed up with Pranayama to give away Paul Grilley’s Yin Yoga DVD and book.  Pranamaya is my favorite site to find media and courses about yoga and features some of the teachers I really dig such as Paul Grilley, Jill Miller and Scott Blossom.  I am super excited to share this DVD and book with one of my readers because it is not only an essential part of any yoga library, but one of the best yoga practices you’ll experience!


Here’s the scoop:

What?:  One person will win a copy of BOTH Paul Grilley’s Yin Yoga 2-DVD and Book.  The winner will be chosen at random and will be notified here in the comments and also on Facebook and Twitter.

When?: The contest runs from 11/16/2013 to 11/22/2013 6:00 am. EST.  It is open to entrants from anywhere!

How?:  In order to be entered into the giveaway you MUST do the following:

1.) Like both Flying Yogini and Pranamaya on Facebook

2.) Write a comment about whether you have practiced yin yoga or not and how you liked it.

3.) For an extra entry please tweet or share this contest using #flyingyogini as a tag.


Thanks so much to Pranamaya for the collaboration and being so kind and generous with this giveaway.  I love Yin Yoga and I hope this giveaway draws attention to both the terrific teachings of Paul Grilley and of Joe Barnett.

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  1. Lisa Carbonara
    Lisa Carbonara says:

    I love yin yoga, it is helping me greatly in a therapuetic way. I have past broken pelvis, torn rotator and current complete tear of acl. I appreciate Paul Grilleys expertise and teachings very much. Namaste!

  2. Arlinda
    Arlinda says:

    I have never practiced yin yoga. I’m new to yoga after my friend got me interested in it and I want to use it to help calm and center me.

  3. Ryan
    Ryan says:

    I LOVE Yin Yoga!! In fact, I am preparing for a class tomorrow morning. I am very inspired by Paul Grilley’s work and would love to more. Thanks! 🙂

  4. Carla Tate
    Carla Tate says:

    I have liked Flying Yogini and Pranayama on Facebook. I have Simon Low’s Yin and Yang Yoga and the Yin Yoga Kit by Biff Mithoefer. Yin yoga is something I would like to both learn more about and practice more often. I believe it is deeply meditative and healing practice.

  5. astrid
    astrid says:

    Came in contact with the pranamaya videos in my training. Eye opener it was!
    Thanks for sharing it with us. Will like the FB pages and tweet. Namaste!

  6. Anne
    Anne says:

    Yin is my absolute favorite practice! I practice everyday….it has helped me learn to listen to a my body & to pay attention to my breath…

  7. Kimberly Cook
    Kimberly Cook says:

    I have found through practicing Yin Yoga along with my vinyasa has led to a more balanced practice, a more balanced body, mind and life as well. Thank you Paul Grilley for alll you have done.

  8. Tracy S
    Tracy S says:

    I love Yin Yoga! I was having such severe muscle pain and stiffness that I had to give up my normal workouts, first in favor of yoga flow, and when that got too painful, I found Yin. I had adrenal exhaustion, and am now slowly recovering. During the worst times in this illness, Yin helped me avoid pain relievers and move freely. I’m back to doing flow yoga most days, but include Yin twice a week – or at night if I’ve had a bad day.

  9. Yvonne
    Yvonne says:

    I’d been doing yoga for over 25 years, mostly self-study. I’d chosen self-study because, in the beginning, there weren’t many classes in yoga, and then later, because I relished surrendering to the poses and tuning into my body. I found classes I tried, even Iyengar ones, were too rushed, the students were more concerned with becoming pretzelized than acquiring any body-awareness. Then a bout with adrenal fatigue precluded a regular yang yoga practice. I stumbled across Yin yoga and fell in love with it because I could do it as a recovery from adrenal fatigue. It helped immensely! It provides the time and space for the body and mind to surrender to themselves and the asana. It’s also gets into places my yang practice didn’t, like the sciatic! When I make it back toward a yang practice, I will be devoting time for yin. Balance is good 🙂

  10. Hope
    Hope says:

    I’ve always wanted to try Yin Yoga. In fact, I had written a note to myself about finding a yin yoga DVD after reading some yin articles with Paul Grilley. It seems like the perfect practice for a busy time of year.

  11. Diane
    Diane says:

    After learning that the spinal stenosis, scoliosis and osteo-arthritis in my spine had worsened, I immediateley started back to Yin Yoga. I had taken it sporadically in between power and heated vinyasa classes. Well, I cannot do those anymore, so restorative and yin are my classes these days. Big improvement in mobility and stiffness right away.Also the mindfulness of the classes is lifting my mood. I am grateful to Yin Yoga and my wonderful teacher, Alicia

  12. Christine S.
    Christine S. says:

    I have been practicing yoga for a long time. I haven’t tried Yin yoga before, but would love to. Sounds like it would be great for me as I deepen my practice. I also experience bouts of tight joints in my hips and low back. Finding new ways to release pain and soreness in those area would be great. Thank you!

  13. Veronica
    Veronica says:

    I tried Yin Yoga for the first time at a festival. It was a magical, calming experience, and so perfect after an day of intensive yoga classes. I would really love to win this dvd and share yin yoga with my boyfriend. I think he would really enjoy doing this together 🙂

  14. Susan Lohman
    Susan Lohman says:

    I started practicing Yin Yoga after herniating a disc and found it unbelievably helpful. I also took a Paul Grilley yoga and mediation workshop in Chicago and that sealed the deal. He was absolutely amazing.

  15. Daniele Britt
    Daniele Britt says:

    I adore Yin and compelled to teach after practicing Paul Grilley’s Yin DVD. I would love to own a copy bc I understand there is a two disc CDs which gives theory and practice.

    Daniele x

  16. Joelle Kelly
    Joelle Kelly says:

    I’ve been looking to learn an effective healing form of yoga. I came across Yin yoga and am very curious to learn it. I don’t have any classes in my area so I shall have to learn on my own. As I was preparing to search for books…I came across your giveaway!

  17. Catie
    Catie says:

    I do very gentle yoga poses on my “rest” days from my exercise routine. I would love to incorporate yin yoga into my rest days routine. It sounds like a great way to heal my muscle soreness and alleviate stiffness in my back.

  18. Emily Anne
    Emily Anne says:

    I haven’t practiced yin yoga yet. I recently started practicing yoga and I love it and look forward to trying various forms.

  19. Nancy Alder
    Nancy Alder says:

    Congrats to Susan Lohman!

    your name was drawn at random using a computer program to make it 100% random.

    Message me with your info at

    connecticutyogini at gmail

    Next giveaway will be live tomorrow morning.! Thanks everyone for entering!

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