#findyourwings: Day 33 Say Hey A GIVEAWAY


For my first giveaway of 2013, I wanted to share something I love and by a company that I also think is cool. This month I’m giving away a recycled glass and Rudrashka bead mala from Sara Lua Designs.

I love supporting smaller businesses, especially those that promote the environment, are run by yogis and that have super nice folks at the helm.  Sara Lua Designs is a perfect example of a rocking company I want you to know about.  Sara, jewelry maker and sweet lady extraordinaire, creates jewelry from eco-bamboo and recycled glass beads.  She adds details to make them special like Rudrashka beads from her trips to Bali or quotes that hint to her big heart. Her bamboo dog tags are ridiculously cool and her malas are strung beautifully.  All of her jewelry is über unique and very hip.

I am sharing Sara’s cool jewelry and hoping you will help me find other companies to support for future giveaways this year.

So here is the skinny on my Valentine’s Day giveaway:


What?:  A recycled glass and Rudrashka bead mala from Sara Lua.  This simple but elegant mala has the 108 recycled glass beads plus a Rudrashka guru bead and Rudrashka beads as counter beads as well.

How?:  To be entered into this contest you must do the following:

1.) Like BOTH Flying Yogini and Sara Lua Designs on Facebook.

2.) Comment below with YOUR favorite small company and why you think they’d make a good choice for another giveaway in the future.

3.) For an extra entry you can tweet @saraluadesigns what other things on her site you dig.  Make sure to include the hashtag #findyourwings so I can see it.

When?:  This giveaway will run from 2/2/13 until 2/14/13 at 6:00 a.m. EST.  The winner will be announced here in the comments and will be drawn at random.  This giveaway is NOT limited to the USA.

So I am here saying hey, I love my readers and fans.  Thanks for continuing to support and read my blog.  Good luck!






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  1. Sherry
    Sherry says:

    Done on the FB liking (already liked your page anyway!) and I don’t know if this counts as a small shop exactly, but I love Celextel’s shop, it’s in India and I’ve ordered some beautiful malas from them. They’re at http://celextel.com

  2. Emilie
    Emilie says:

    I already ‘liked’ you on FB, and now ‘like’ Sara Lua as well. This might be a cop-out answer, but I am a fan of all small businesses that have a positive message to convey–one of my faves is owned by a friend who designs her own tech apparel at BalancingActClothing.com. She’s a super talented designer and her stuff is a lot of fun!

  3. michelle
    michelle says:

    i don’t have a boutique at the studio, but i decided to sell jewelry from a local artist here in sac… only because she does everything — from design to choosing stones to packaging — from a “yogic” approach. all things are connected, what *feels* good (rather than just about looks), and how can this support the earth and be sustainable. AND her pieces are absolutely stunning. so i nominate shannon gilley at rose gilley designs! http://www.facebook.com/rosegilleydesigns
    thanks so much, nancy!! xo

  4. Nancy
    Nancy says:

    Congrats to Caroline whose name was drawn at random! Message me at connecticutyogini at gmail dot com and i’ll send the mala off to you!

    Thanks all… new giveaway coming soon!

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